My name’s Feargus and I’m a London-based journalist, writer and copywriter.  Since I started writing professionally 7 years ago, my work has been published in many magazines and newspapers,  including The Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Atlantic and The London Paper.  My chief areas of specialism are food, classical music, film, wine, travel and European affairs, but there aren’t many subjects I haven’t written about at some point.

After the success of my Times column DVD Dinners, I was also approached to adapt it in book form.  The result was Pulp Kitchen, published by Pan Macmillan.  In the wake of the book’s success, and due to my former role as restaurant critic at The London Paper, I have made numerous TV and Radio appearances, on channels including RTE 2 Ireland, UKTV Food and on many regional BBC radio stations, as a restaurant and food critic.

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